• The Art & Science of Stress Management

    If you Never Try you'll Never Know

Hosted by Auroville Retreat, a one-hour webinar on the art and science of stress management, with JV Avadhanalu who holds decades of experience in wellbeing and has helped thousands of people build joyful and resilient lives.
Continuous (chronic) stress undermines your health and wellbeing and robs you of the joy of being alive. We explore some simple, powerful, scientifically-proven techniques for stress relief and resilience.
When you manage stress, you have better chances of being effective, successful and joyful.COVID-19 is permeating into all aspects of our lives, disrupting life as we know with uncertainty looming over every human endeavour.


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This unprecedented situation is adding to the already high stress levels. The situation is further aggravated by the unavailability of usual stress relievers like travel and social gatherings in the current crisis. To better cope with the situation, we explore some simple, but powerful, scientifically proven techniques for stress relief and resilience.
This is not a lecture or talk limited to the theory of stress management; the intention is to try out a few techniques, so that you can practice them to actually relieve stress and build resilience.
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 At the age of 41 he was diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure and high blood sugar. With his practice he not only healed the ‘incurable’ diseases but also gave himself a new life. He started facilitating workshops in 2008. More than 5,000 people from 30 countries attended workshops and retreats facilitated by him.
JV holds a Master’s degree from IIT, Kharagpur. He has served as a technical officer in the Indian Navy and worked in defense R&D projects, and has been awarded the Visisht Seva Medal by the President of India for distinguished service.
He is now a visiting faculty at IIM, Indore in the area of Personal Growth. 
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Outline of webinar:

* Science of stress and stress management
* Yogic techniques (validated by science) for stress relief
* Importance of resilience for effectiveness ‘in-the-moment’
* Practice for building resilience to stress and adverse events