• Swing Your Hips

    An intuitive dance retreat for women

Sisters, you’re invited to swing your hips to the beat of your intuitive power. Come explore your true nature.
This weekend retreat is an enchanting celebration of true connection between women. An chance to drop your role of partner, mother, daughter, professional, lover, caretaker, and simply be yourself.
We will dance, meditate, laugh, cry, honour and celebrate the fullness of our lives as women. We will enjoy a delightful and healing experience of light, deep connection, and joy.
We will feel liberated by expressing our essence through our dance, by being seen fully by our sisters who deeply resonate with us.
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"Gathering a group of kindred spirits, a sacred container is created. Something magical happens: a dynamic energy opens up a channel to the collective of life.”
We will dance joy, ecstasy, sadness, anger. Fully embodying all emotions, every move becomes an intuitive expression of what is present right now. 
Dancing is like a washing machine for conscious and subconscious emotions. The dance floor offers a safe space for coming clean with the ebb and flow of life. By dancing regularly we avoid getting stuck in repetitive patterns and instead approach life with a fresh outlook.
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We will explore an energising and joyful mix of yoga, meditation, ceremonies, art and of course creative movement and dance. 
There is no need to have dance experience - simply be ready to find and share our own unique rhythm.
Expressing our signature rhythm, we experience a deep sense of release and lightness. We’re full of energy, eager to celebrate life. 
We bring back to the world true listening without judgement. We reclaim an enchanted universe where we are in touch with the depths of our souls.
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This retreat will be facilitated by dance therapist and life coach Julie. After leaving her management consulting career, Julie certified as a life coach with the Coaches Training Institute in London.
Based in Auroville, she facilitates private sessions, workshops and retreats across the world, blending her corporate background with her love for yoga, meditation and dance.
She is training as a dance therapist with the Creative Movement Therapy Association India. 
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This will take place in Auroville, a place of unending education and an experiment in human unity. Auroville has won international acclaim for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability, and has developed innovative techniques in bodywork & healing.

Auroville is an international community with over 2000 people from around 50 different countries. Located 8km from Pondicherry, 3 hours drive from Chennai city/airport (150km) along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) and 8 hours by an AC sleeper bus from Bangalore (350km).

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Set in a green-forested area close to the sea, Auroville provides a perfect ambience with its rustic setting, and a creative and vibrant community. Participants will stay within Auroville and travel to different locations throughout their stay, accompanied by our program coordinators. Accommodation, food, transport, hostess for children and other logistics are optional extras, and we can assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Contact us on any of the following: 

Cell: +91-8608217030

Email: info@aurovilleretreat.org

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DAY 0: 
7pm     Welcome dinner
DAY 1: 
10am                   Gathering and introductions
11am-12.30pm     Sharing our Gifts
12.30-2.30pm       Lunch
2.30-5pm             Finding your Rhythm 
DAY 2: 
10am-12.30pm     Honouring your Body’s Wisdom
12.30-2.30pm       Lunch
2.30-5pm             Sharing your Rhythm
DAY 3: 
10am-12.30pm    Releasing your Inner Dancer
12.30-2.30pm       Lunch
2.30-5pm            Closing ceremony