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    A way to expand consciousness

Awareness through the Body (ATB), aims to assist individuals in developing the capacity for attention, concentration and relaxation, in refining the senses and in cultivating the ability to notice what one is experiencing.

ATB provide tools and a space to enhance introspection so that we may become aware of the different planes that form our being and have the possibility to enter in contact with our wider sense of self.

Join us in our ATB Retreat facilitated by Amir and assisted by Tamar. Read on for more details.

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ATB has been created and implemented in Auroville schools since 1992, by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala, based on their personal experience following the spiritual path of integral yoga and the idea of integral education. Over the years they have adapted, added to and incorporated knowledge acquired from a wide variety of disciplines, into a coherent, sequential curriculum.

To learn more about Awareness Through the Body, visit the ATB Website

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There are very few activities in Auroville which can be termed ‘cutting-edge'. One of them is the work which Joan Sala and Aloka Marti have been engaged in over the past 14 years with Auroville children. Originally termed ‘Body Awareness', they later changed the name to ‘Awareness through the Body' to better express the intention of their work. Now they are bringing out a book – 'Awareness through the Body: a way to enhance concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge for children and adults' - to share what they have learned. Over the years, however, Aloka and Joan evolved a programme which has proven to be not only very popular with the students, but highly effective in attaining certain objectives. These include enhancing concentration and focus, developing awareness of the different levels of consciousness, refining the senses, learning how to explore, understand and manage emotions, developing a sense of how to collaborate with others, and cultivating the ‘witness attitude'.

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The exercises provide ways for individuals to discover and explore the body, and through the body to awaken the consciousness of the entire being. All the activities, within their particular focus, work towards that goal.

Some exercises and games have been incorporated from a wide variety of disciplines; they are creative and often fun.

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Experience two days in Auroville, exploring a wide variety of exercises and games to come to know yourself better. The retreat starts on Saturday morning at 8.30am and ends on Sunday at 5.00pm. The Retreat price includes tea & snacks only. Their will be a pot Luck for lunch. The Retreat price does not include accommodation and meals.