• ATB Level 1

    A way to expand consciousness

Awareness through the Body, ATB for short, aims to raise awareness and enable one to become conscious of perceptions and abilities, so that one may become self-aware and self-directed. The program works by first bringing the individual into a state of receptivity in which one can better “listen” to the many and varied inputs he/she is continuously receiving from both the inner and outer worlds.

Join us in our ATB Retreat facilitated by Amir and Aran. Read on for more details.


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The individual becomes aware of the different planes of being and their interrelation. In that state of receptivity everything becomes an opportunity for expanding awareness, by being in the moment without taking anything for granted. Finding one's own pace and inner patterns and becoming aware of the inner and outer space simultaneously, aids in enhancing concentration, relaxation and self-knowledge.

The exercises provide ways for individuals to discover and explore the body, and through the body to awaken the consciousness of the entire being. Many exercises and games have been incorporated from a wide variety of disciplines; they are creative and often fun.

To learn more about Awareness Through the Body, visit the following link: http://awarenessthroughthebody.wordpress.com/.

The retreat price includes: facilitation of workshops, tea and snacks twice a day and lunch on both days. It does not include: accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

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Amir is a trained ATB facilitator. in the past few years, he has focused on the ATB practice and teaching ATB to children in the Auroville schools, as well as offering workshops to adults. Amir has been inspired through his work and practice, with the guidance of the founders of this approach, Aloka Marti and Joan Sala. Today, Amir is focused on reaching out with this discipline into wider India, Israel and South Africa. The experience of ATB with Amir offers a space where you can deepen your capacity for a relaxed and sustained attention, expanding awareness of your being. It is a space, which supports the expansion of our wider sense of self; a space to explore ways to better use yourselves in your daily lives and experience.

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Aran will assist Amir in this Retreat. Aran came to India from Israel in 2000 and currently resides in Auroville with his wife and three children. He has been exploring his various interests in life through engagement in a large variety of projects in Auroville. His main passion lies in bringing people together. He currently assists Amir with Awareness Through the Body sessions and facilitates introductory tours of Auroville. "From the perspective of consciousness, I see us as toddlers, open and curious, taking our first steps" - Aran

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This will be held in Auroville, an international community with over 2000 people from around 40 different countries. Founded in 1968, Auroville is based on the vision of The Mother and is endorsed by UNESCO and the Government of India as an ongoing experiment in human unity. Over the years, Auroville has won international acclaim for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability.

Auroville is located 8km from Pondicherry, 3 hours drive from Chennai city/airport (150km) along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) and 8 hours by an AC sleeper bus from Bangalore (350km).

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Set in a green-forested area close to the sea, Auroville provides a perfect ambience with its rustic setting, and a creative and vibrant community. Participants will stay within Auroville and travel to different locations throughout their stay, accompanied by our program coordinators. We will assist you with accomodation, food, transport, hostess for children and other logistics as needed. 

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The Charter of Auroville states: "Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville, one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity."

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Experience two days in Auroville, exploring a wide variety of exercises and games to come to know yourself better. The retreat starts on Sunday morning at 8.30am and ends on Monday at 5.00pm.

   I really appreciate this workshop, that brings me more far away as what I thought! The second day was easier for my and my level of introspection, or perhaps because of the work that has been done on the first day?  

October 2014