• Stress Buster

    Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate

A theme retreat designed for those who are under pressure at the workplace. Stress is one of the major factors for early professional burnout and health problems and is usually induced by competitive environments. This highly interactive retreat will provide participants with an insight into the causes of physical and psychological stress. Our holistic approach to wellness encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. “Stress Buster” is guided and supported by an experienced team of facilitators who will create a nurturing environment for the participants. The retreat comprises of sessions on yoga, music therapy, art therapy, group counseling, as well as diet and lifestyle management amongst others.

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With the help of this stress management retreat organized by Auroville Retreat and Jiva Consultants, participants will acquire life skills that will enable them to:

  • Understand the causes and symptoms of stress
  • Evaluate the impact of stress in the workplace and in their personal lives
  • Become  self-aware and self-motivated
  • Get in touch with their emotions and feelings
  • Appreciate the importance of a healthy diet and exercise in managing stress
  • Learn useful techniques for  achieving a state of wellness
  • Create a good work-life balance
  • improve relationships with their partners, children and colleagues
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Brief on the innovative experiential methods:

The retreat will begin with understanding the basic principles of stress. Participants will become familiar with the causes of stress and how their personality type impacts on their stress levels. They will also be able to identify physical, emotional and mental symptoms of stress. Along with the concepts, participants will explore innovative experiential techniques to manage stress.  Some of the interactive and innovative modules which can be included in the retreat are given in the follwing slides.

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Awareness Through the Body

A.T.B. provides ways for individuals to discover, explore and develop an awareness through the use of the body. By gradually learning to master attention and the ability to relax, participants become receptive to the various inputs they continuously receive from their inner and outer worlds. Participants will learn how to explore, understand and manage emotions. This will enhance their ability to adapt and remain flexible in relationships.



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The Yoga Way of Relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a technique for entering into a deeply relaxed healing state that swiftly repairs the body’s structures and replenishes its energy centres. Minutes of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent in their regenerative power to hours of deep sleep. We will also introduce meditation techniques which can be practiced in one’s daily life to achieve deep relaxation.


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All About Food

This module is designed to empower participants to reclaim responsibility for their health through diet. They will learn how to PREVENT and CURE most illnesses, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, digestive problems and psychological by understanding what a healthy diet consists of and learning how to prepare tasteful, healthy meals that heal the body and the mind. They will learn about holistic food systems which can helps them reshape their relationship withfood.

They will also have fun preparing a delicious organic meal under the guidance of the workshop facilitator!


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Life Coaching

A special dynamic counseling technique conceived for participants for self-development and realization of goals at the personal, family, professional and social level. It will stimulate their everyday lives and revive their dreams and projects. The facilitator will work on the following three levels: mental (logic and the intellect), intuitive (creativity) and the level of pure awareness. Participants will be able to clarify their inner aims and rediscover their hidden strengths and capacities. They will be empowered to create a harmonious work-life balance.

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Healing with sound

Sound and music, listening and playing, are wonderful  tools for the exploration of our creative potential with the aim to manifest a healthy, balanced and fulfilling way of being. This module offers the opportunity to heal oneself through sound. Participants will learn to connect to and play with their voice, as well as to sense how sounds vibrate and act in the body. They will learn to use the power of their voice vibration to improve their health and sense of wellbeing.

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The Auroville experience can include:

  • Forest Walk
  • Blind folded dinner around a bonfire
  • Star Gazing
  • Cycling through the forests
  • Sun rise by the beach
  • Drum Circle
  • Raw food preparation
  • Volunteering on organic farms
  • Horse Riding
  • Aqua Massages

You can choose from the variety of experiences to suit the needs, inclinations & preferences of the participants.


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This will be held in Auroville, an international community with over 2000 people from around 40 different countries. Founded in 1968, Auroville is based on the vision of The Mother and is endorsed by UNESCO and the Government of India as an ongoing experiment in human unity. Over the years, Auroville has won international acclaim for its efforts in social and environmental sustainability.

Auroville is located 8km from Pondicherry, 3 hours drive from Chennai city/airport (150km) along the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) and 8 hours by an AC sleeper bus from Bangalore (350km).

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Set in a green-forested area close to the sea, Auroville provides a perfect ambience with its rustic setting, and a creative and vibrant community. Participants will stay within Auroville and travel to different locations throughout their stay, accompanied by our program coordinators. We will assist you with accomodation, food, transport, hostess for children and other logistics as needed. 

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The Charter of Auroville states: "Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. But to live in Auroville, one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness. Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity."

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Accommodation and Costs

This Retreat can be customized in terms of overall theme, individual activities, duration, etc. Costs will depend on the activities, duration, number of participants, kind of accommodation and other particulars as may be relevant. We can prepare a detailed schedule based on your requirements. Packages include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, accommodation (on single, double or twin sharing basis), bicycle and transport hire, materials and facilitation for all activities.

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Priyanka Singh, Founder of Jiva Consultants will co-facilitate all workshops. With a unique passion for connecting with people and achieving breakthroughs, Priyanka, a former banker, has established herself as a skilled trainer in corporate circles. To her credit, she has trained over 10,000 participants across the country in her career. She has exposure to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from Banking & Finance, Insurance, BPO’s, IT, Manufacturing, Travel and Tourism. This collective experience has resulted in a deep reservoir of business acumen that helps her support clients to achieve their objectives. Priyanka will collaborate with the expert facilitators from Auroville to create a magical experience for each participant.

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Auroville Retreat

Viktoriya Koleva

Cell: +91 8940219725

E-mail: info@aurovilleretreat.org

Jiva Consultants

Priyanka Singh

Cell: +91 98600 28543

Email: priyanka@jivaconsultants.com

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Dates: As per your groups' availability. We need atleast 3 weeks to prepare.

 Day 1

19:00 – 20:30  Welcome dinner
20:30 – 22:00  Forest walk

 Day 2

09:00 – 10:00  Retreat Fundamentals
10:30 – 12:30  Group ATB
13:00 – 15:00   Lunch and boutiques
15:30 – 17:00   Clayful joy
17:00 – 17:30   Tea and snacks
17:30 – 19:00   Middle eastern cooking
19:00 – 20:00   Dinner

 Day 3

08:30 – 09:30  Breakfast
10:00 – 12:00  Healing with sound
12:30 – 14:00  Lunch
14:00 – 16:30  Flow of chi
16:30 – 17:30  The Way of Tea