Facilitator of ATB

Rosa is an Awareness Through the Body Certified Facilitator who lives and works in Auroville. She was born and brought up in Spain, where she lived until she was 19, and then she moved to live to Guatemala. Here she worked for 11 years in education, and participated in different projects with victims of the atrocities committed during Guatemala's 36-year civil war. In 2003 arrived to India. She traveled across the country, visiting various ashrams and communities till  2007  where definitely she settled in Auroville.

            Rosa first became interested in Awareness Through the Body when she attended a presentation of the book in Transition School. What fascinated her were the pictures she saw of the children who were participating in the activities. She says that, through their eyes, she could perceive that they had entered into another space - they weren’t simply having fun, they seemed to have touched a deeper experience of themselves.

            From then Rosa has fully dedicated to ATB. The first two years, she attended all the workshops and classes - not just to train, but also to observe, and to witness how children were able to develop skills in attention, concentration and self-awareness. Actually she teaches at Deepanam and Last School in Auroville, and conducts weekly sessions for adults. She also offers individual sessions in Pitanga. During the last years she has also imparted workshops in U.K. and different places in Spain.

            Rosa says that what is really special about Awareness Through the Body is that for her, the more time she spends exploring herself through ATB and teaching, the more she continues to learn. She has observed her own self-transformation over the course of the past few years, and she enjoys this possibility to continue evolving in a playful way. Her aim is to share this with others,  to help to get in touch with the Luminous Being that, in essence, we all are.